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My name is Lisa Robic and I'm a Registered Social Worker, Therapist, and Owner of Robic's Cube Counselling & Supports. Thanks for visiting my website to learn more about myself and the services that I offer. I'd like to start by acknowledging the beautiful land of the Syilx Okanagan Nation in which I live, work, and play (Princeton and area).

I’ve worked and lived in this area since February 2017 and have enjoyed every minute of it :) Small, rural communities have so much spirit, character, and a much more balanced/ slower paced lifestyle. There is so much to explore and love about the Similkameen and I take every opportunity I can to spend time in the beautiful outdoors! Supporting my local community is a passion of mine and focus within my counselling practice.

In my time here as a Social Worker, I've gained valuable knowledge and experience in the complexities of serving rural communities and I truly understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality. I offer a safe and comfortable space to let your guard down, be yourself, and open up in an environment free of judgement. I'm here to help you through the tough stuff and support you to feel like yourself again and comfortable in your own skin. I fully believe each and every person has a powerful strength within them to survive. I hope to harness that strength to help you thrive!

As a Social Work Therapist, I strive to break down any potential barriers to counselling. I offer reduced rates to those on Income Assistance, Disability, Seniors, or others who are on limited incomes. I also work with various publicly funded programs and employment assistance programs to get eligible sessions covered. My services are in-person in Princeton and virtual throughout BC and Ontario. In some cases, I'm also open to providing counselling sessions in your home.

Please browse my website to learn more about myself and the services offered by Robic's Cube Counselling & Supports. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for areas of support in our local communities, please feel free to reach out anytime! I look forward to chatting with you and supporting you in whatever way I can.

Take care,

- Lisa Robic, MSW, RSW, CTTS

Links for more information/ bios:

Lisa Robic, MSW, RSW, CTTS

Owner & Social Work Therapist



Counselling in the areas of trauma, mental health, addiction, disaster support, first responders, grief, and more. Sessions can be held virtually or in-person at Lisa's office in Princeton. Lisa is trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Motivational Interviewing (MI). She offers a strength-based, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, and person-centered approach to counselling. Sessions are $125 per session and reduced pricing is available for certain populations. Please reach out to Lisa to discuss further. Lisa's services are covered under many extended health benefits, Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP), First Nations Health Authority (FNHA); Homewood Health EAP; Health Canada EAP, ICBC, MCFD - Autism BC & SAJE programs. Click "Learn More" to book a session.

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Critical incident stress management, 1-1 defusing, group debriefing, vicarious trauma prevention, and psychological first aid for first responders and other groups who have experienced a critical incident such as violence, accident scenes, fires, and other stressful events. Clinical support is inclusive and trauma-informed to support diverse populations in crisis as well as self-care for one’s one emotional well-being. Lisa completed the Trauma & Crisis Intervention Certificate at the Justice Institute of BC in May 2023 to provide this service effectively. Lisa is a Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist with the international Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists. Please contact Lisa for more information regarding CISM services.



Custom built mental health workshop for your agency. Range of mental health topics available. Examples: coping strategies, self care, boundaries, assertiveness skills, reframing negative thoughts, trauma responses, addiction, distress tolerance skills, emotional regulation, interpersonal skills, mindfulness, relaxation strategies, you name it! Reach out to Lisa to discuss costs and booking.



***This group is currently on hold pending additional participants. Please contact Lisa if you're interested*** Grief groups bring people together to help heal your grief in a supportive and non-judgmental way. It can help to know that you are not alone in feeling this way. Participation in this group will help you to explore your grief to find meaning and hope for the days ahead. This 12-week (90 minutes per week) group is based on the book “Understanding your Grief – Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope & Healing Your Heart” by Alan D. Wolfelt (purchase required). Each week you will be asked to read 1 chapter of the book that we will focus on, explore, and discuss in our group together. It’s encouraged to share and work through the exercises and journal prompts when you feel safe and comfortable to do so. Prior to commencement of the group, Lisa will meet with each participant to complete basic screening and assessment to ensure suitability for the group. The cost to attend is $25.00 per person per week ($300 total) and it will be a closed group (same participants from beginning to end).

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Is the cost for your services covered under any programs?
Yes! Counselling and other services can be covered for eligible individuals under the following programs:
  • Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC)
  • First Nations Health Authority (FNHA)
  • Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP)
  • Homewood Health Employment Assistance Program
  • Health Canada Employment Assistance Program
  • Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD - Autism BC & SAJE
  • Most extended benefit plans
Contact me to learn more!

Do you provide virtual counselling?
Yes! Lisa provides counselling in-person at her office in Princeton, BC, or virtually through the Jane App, or via telephone. On suitable occasions, Lisa is even willing to provide support in-home.
Can you provide counselling if you're a Social Worker?
Yes! Social Workers are one of the professions that can provide counselling/ therapy/ psychotherapy through their Registration/ License with the BC College of Social Workers (BCCSW). The BCCSW ensures any Social Worker providing counselling (or any other service) adheres to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. To become a Registered Social Worker, there are requirements for education, experience, competence, and skills which are tested through an exam and yearly submission of ongoing training. To learn more, head to 

What do Social Workers do?
How do I schedule a session with you?
To schedule a free 15 minute consult or full counselling session (virtual, telephone, or in-person), your options are as follows:
  • Call or text Lisa at 250-438-0024
  • Email
  • Go to, select the type of session you'd like to schedule, and choose a time that works for you! You will need to create a Jane account by entering in a username, password, name and phone number or email address.
What kind of counselling do you do?
See ad below. Lisa also provides counselling in other areas such as grief and loss, life stressors, building self-esteem, and more. Feel free to reach out to discuss how Lisa can best support you!

Do you provide services outside of counselling?
Yes! Lisa also provides group critical incident debriefing, mental health workshops, therapeutic groups, and other social work related support. Have an idea or question about this? Let's chat about it! Reach out anytime.
How did you come up with the business name - Robic’s Cube?
This picture below is my brother Matthew who passed away in 2011 at the age of 26 after a very public plane crash in Vancouver. There is a lot more to this story but that’s for another time.

Matthew was always a fun guy to be around and had the best Halloween costumes. He came up with this idea and spent who knows how many hours crafting it himself. So clever!

When I was thinking of counselling business names, for some reason this idea of his came to me. I thought it was a fun play on words and could be an analogy for so many things… solving the puzzles of our brains, a different service offered for each side of the cube, all types of stuff. But honestly, I think it’s just simply a good reminder of who my big brother was and how he was always protecting me and guiding me in his own way ♥️ 

(I stole this picture probably from one of his friends, whomever it was, thank you!)

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